Whether your eCommerce store is developed with Magento, WordPress WooCommerce or any other leading shopping cart software, one thing is certain.  Your images and photography must stand out.

Remember, on a website there is no luxury of having a salesperson talk to the customer, offer to let them touch and feel the product.  All you have is a bunch of photographs, text and if you’re lucky a product video.

Some tips on ensuring you have attractive, enticing and converting images:

  1. Think clear, crisp images.  Invest in a decent camera (no mobile snaps please), good lighting and always have attention to detail
  2. Go for white backgrounds. Especially if you have alot of images. If its a handful, feel free to experiment with subtle and flat color backgrounds
  3. Avoid shadows. Ensure you have proper lighting, this allows greater detail of the product.
  4. If possible, remove all background from the image (deep etching) but do it neatly.  Else just shoot on a white background.
  5. Photos of multiple angles, and if need be in different states (eg. open, closed, etc)
  6. Try to have some real world shots of the item in use too. Generally your primary image should be a basic, plain white background and additional images can be action shots.
  7. Experiment with different angles, i find a 45 degree semi overhead view gives great results and fill the frame nice.