Do you have a WordPress powered website? Worried about the ongoing updates, security issues?  Let us take care of your maintenance and upgrades while you focus on your services and business!

We live in a completely different world now and thanks to the internet we are able to communicate with others regardless of their location in the world. This has made it possible for thousands of people to actually make full time income from the internet and lately the number of individuals looking for a way to break into the internet marketing world has increased even more. This means that they want to be able to get a functional website that they can run for their projects, but unfortunately most people just don’t have the time to handle their internet business and  maintain their websites with regular updates and security patches.

This is the moment when they decide they need to hire some help to keep things in order for them.

There is a serious problem with security in all sites that have a CMS and this obviously includes the very popular and effective WordPress system. If a hacker locates you site and wants to access the protected files, they will be able to do this easily if you don’t know how to properly configure your panel and plugins.

There are also some server configurations that you are going to have to take into consideration if you want to keep you site safe from attacks. You really don’t want all your hard work to be put to a halt by a malicious intruder.
At Digital Boutique we offer an affordable and reliable maintenance service. We don’t only protect your site for you, we also offer them updating, off-site backups, security updates, anti-spam installations and a regular scans and security audits to make sure things are running smoothly. These are just some of the many services that we have available and you can contact us if you have any questions too. We will be more than happy to assist you with any doubts you might have.
The best thing about our service is that we combine the proper business attitude and knowledge we have with the best prices you can find in the market. This is the reason why all of our customers are satisfied with the work we provide. Contact us now and get you some professional WordPress maintenance for your site!

WordPress Maintenance Service

  • 24/7 website up-time monitoring with email alerts
  • WordPress core & security updates
  • Theme updates
  • Weekly Off-Site Backups
  • Website analytic setup & monthly reports
  • Anti-Spam installation
  • Advanced security upgrades
  • Monthly security scan and audit
  • Brute-Force Login Protection
  • Up to 5 Content Updates
  • Minimum 3 month contract